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SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg has rolled the dice on a new product line. (Credit: Getty Images)

When it comes to Web tools, SurveyMonkey is practically a dinosaur. Though employees at 99% of the Fortune 500 have used its online surveys and people complete 90 million of them a month, the product itself hadn't changed dramatically in years.The company hopes that has changed Thurs., as it launched a new service that will allow customers to compare their own survey results with rivals in a particular sector.

Called Benchmarks, the new product has a free and paid version, much like the SurveyMonkey main product itself. Companies that use a question SurveyMonkey has set as measurable can see the average answer for that question by opting in to share their own answer anonymously. By choosing to pay about $1,000 a year, the company can see more detailed analysis of that answer or a series of answers.

That can be automated, like when a Salesforce.com support customer automatically pings someone who has used the support service to ask them about their experience-in that case, SurveyMonkey would automatically send a survey and then provide the client with data in Salesforce on how that experience stacks up against competitors. Another major use case type, CEO Dave Goldberg says, is with internal employee satisfaction check-ups from human resources. If morale is suffering, a company can tell whether the causes might be external-difficulties in the sector or some macro concerns-or issues the company needs to specifically address.

"That's a tool that many companies pay $30,000 to $50,000 a year to do," says Goldberg. "We think it's better to survey your employees more frequently, and itopens up a market for companies to measure satisfaction who couldn't afford it."

Benchmarks isn't SurveyMonkey's first data tool: it's had a panel business, Audience, it launched in late 2011 and created an enterprise offering in Nov. 2013. But Benchmarks is by far the most ambitious product launch the company has taken in the six years that Goldberg's run the business, its first real push into comparative data instead of simply passive collection. "We are calling this the launch of SurveyMonkey 2.0," Goldberg says. "This was the product I always wanted to build, that I thought only we had the ability and data to do at this scale."

SurveyMonkey Benchmarks NPS Screenshot

SurveyMonkey's spent years rebuilding its product's technical architecture and building out new product and data science teams to make that transition. The company hopes that Benchmarks eventually becomes a major revenue stream, though Goldberg says that won't happen until 2016 at the earliest. Goldberghopes that the product will drive up new business while also allowing it to penetrate deeper into that 99% of Fortune 500 companies it serves, since many of those are just one or several people working informally.

Early Benchmarks customers include the People's Credit Union, Jive Software, Hallmark Cards and Pivotal Labs, the software company acquired by EMC in 2012. Pivotal has been a customer since April 2014 and adopted Benchmarks at its release, looking for a more standardized approach to track customer loyalty, says Pivotal corporate strategy executive Paula Kwan. "We use the filtering features of Benchmarks to help narrow down the lens in which we want to compare our scores," Kwan says. "The results have led to some very interesting and productive discussions internally." Individual Pivotal offices can now now more reason to why their customer satisfaction scores might differ from other offices in the company and compared to rivals.

For SurveyMonkey, Benchmarks could prove the bellwether of Goldberg's tenure as CEO, the result of a major prioritization of strategy and a test of whether the company can mature past the simple surveys that give it its name. Comparative data will also move the company closer to competition with the business intelligence providers and analytics tools of other cloud software providers, from Birst to Salesforce.com, though their still survey-driven nature means it's more overlap than head-on rivalry. SurveyMonkey says it has 25 million registered survey creators today, though the majority use only the free option.

The company's future will also be judged by the success of Benchmarks as Goldberg has stayed firm about keeping SurveyMonkey private. It'sraised more than $1 billion in debt and equity since Jan. 2013 to help early employees and investors cash out, buying time to avoid the need for an IPOand giving it funds to make strategic acquisitions alongside the development of Benchmarks. Most recently, SurveyMonkeyraised $250 million in Dec. 2014. The company's reportedly valued at about $2 billion. "We wouldn't have raised that money if I had an update on IPO plans," Goldberg says. "There's no interest there."

SurveyMonkey will continue to look for data businesses for acquisition to add alongside Benchmarks, its CEO says, as it looks to build out a data platform. "This turns us from a survey tool in a platform for decision making," Goldberg says. "It's the most strategic thing we've done in our history."

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Are Video clip Games Too Violent?

posted on 18 Jan 2015 04:18 by highacne977
A video gaming system is an interactive digital device which is made use of for playing video games on a personal computer. A group of researchers develop a laser satellite-controlling computer system called MAXX to ruin the meteoroid; however, MAXX creates a character of its own (in an evident parody of the sentient computer system HAL from the film and novel 2001: A Space Odyssey) as well as rejects to save the earth unless Earth's scientists can address seven science teasers.

Video games where the colors of various blocks are matched with each other are highly suited for youngsters old three as well as up. These video games not only stimulate their eyes yet additionally their minds.

Instead, choose a game that isn't really just entertaining but promotes young minds and develops essential life skills. Items bearing the signatures of greats such as Ben Hogan or Byron Nelson also fetch sizable costs.

You actually get a bunch of worth for your registration cost as you obtain full access to all the tasks on the PBS website. There is also down loadable colour sheets and PBS tv episodes to keep your kid understanding and captivated. The PBS web-site carries line games that educate main perusing and math readiness this kind of as letter sounds and checking.

It http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/pbsmathgames seems to be the situation that lots of moms and dads as well as kids view it as being normal to spend hrs before the tv or playing video game. This pbs kids go may sound intense, but it definitely is not ... it is not a frightening or gory game in any way. The game starts out with an education and learning mode, so players could recognize all the steps they will wish to browse their method by the levels. The motion resembles system computer game this type of as the Super Mario sequence, because all the motion is from delegated suitable, no shifting comprehensive factors or unique camera angles. Scholastic Studios created an effective television adjustment demonstrated to on PBS Children, which broadcast from 2000 to 2003.pbs games

Like we said there are a great deal of folks cost-free live game streaming site, yet business industry for them is transforming often. There are continually new locales for game streaming and some aged that fade away or alter their URL. You often hear parents claiming that their children obtain bored by garden and also other outside video games.

Play Cornhole At Your Next Party by Dave Roth

posted on 22 Aug 2014 06:37 by highacne977

A lot of individuals throw parties today, nevertheless many of them operate out of video games to experience and also things to do. in addition, way as well many folks today appear to believe that the party involves alcohol and zilch else. Generally there is certainly absolutely nothing wrong using responsible adults creating a drink or even a pair of at a party, yet there are many much more items to accomplish that will be considered a lot of fun. With Regard To get-togethers that are held outdoors in great weather, there's your cornhole game. Several folks also label this game your beanbag toss or a comparable name, but the game can be basically the actual same, along with merely a few small variations. The Actual cornhole game is extremely popular in events in certain places in the country, but there are other places exactly where it is practically unheard of.

For those who do certainly not know what cornhole can be or how to play it, the overall game is extremely easy and could be played by simply almost anyone involving all ages or perhaps skill level. Within order for you to play, any cornhole set could be purchased, as well as one could be made. Nearly All people, though, choose to get http://www.racinggames.org/games/11/car-games one because making 1 can be time-consuming along with challenging if the proper equipment are not used. The Particular board employed for your cornhole game is actually usually produced involving wood, although they may be found in plastic as well. The idea provides racing games for kids a hole in it, through which small bags are tossed through a specific distance. Originally, your bags had been filled up with corn, hence the particular identify cornhole. Now, however, the particular bags are typically filled up with tiny beans or perhaps tough plastic pellets. As extended as the bags are generally the appropriate size and weight, the actual filling material is actually not actually that important.

The bags are usually tossed, with the object becoming to obtain them by means of the opening in the board in order to make points. Bags that won't proceed through the outlet yet in which remain around the board without falling off additionally earn points, however, not as many. Thus lots associated with people like this game since it is really simple to play. Youthful or perhaps old, running from energy play the general game and revel in it. That doesn't take excessive skill, the guidelines usually are not difficult, and also the game just isn't dangerous. The Particular bags which are tossed inside the cornhole game are very soft, and additionally the boards do not will usually have sharp edges. This particular helps increase the actual danger for game safe pertaining to even babies as well as toddlers to play. Since the particular cornhole game is really family-oriented, more people are utilizing it like a party game.

The game should be played outside, so good weather will be needed. However, the actual cornhole game is perfect with regard to barbecues, backyard parties, birthdays, tailgating, along with every other get-together exactly where there is a great day and ample space to experience the game. one associated with the greatest benefits of the actual cornhole game over additional backyard games is the extremely fact that your cornhole board can be tiny adequate to be easily stored, and it will fit within the again of a truck as well as within the trunks of many larger cars. Generally there can be a reduced model of the board that will easily suit into virtually virtually any auto trunk, creating the sport very versatile.